Post Operative News

First day out, clinic visit not included, I head to the rec center with family...No, I didn't swim 8 days after surgery.

About three weeks after my mastectomy and breasts reconstruction, here I am!

I had both breasts removed, even though only one had cancer, to lower my risk to the unaffected side. I also have new breasts with my tummy as the donor site. I tell you, I might as well get a tummy tuck with all this pain and stress, and yes I got it. Plus now I have perky chests that will stay good throughout my life.

The other news? My breast cancer is stage 1, but triple negative, it is. More to this later. The main thing is none of the oral cancer drugs will work for me like Tamoxifen. I will need to go through chemotherapy.

So, bye-bye long hair…soon.

8 thoughts on “Post Operative News

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  2. You look great! And you can make it through chemo – losing the hair is really small in the big scheme of things, compared to what you’ve already been through.

    It grows back. The rest is attitude.

    • Carina, thanks for posting on my Blog. I appreciate your Blog! You are doing a great job! Keep inspiring others! You will have alot to say and others need to hear it. I am very inspired by your words! I will be keeping track of you. Please keep track of me!!! Prayers for you! Denise

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