Why I Yelled at My Plastic Surgeon

Click to enlarge. Multiple blisters from the tape, droplet-size small, to large. In this picture, they seem less and not as bad as before I left the hospital.

“How are you today?”

Startled, almost, I looked up from the recliner by the hospital bed to see my plastic surgeon. Immediately, my belly reminded me of the pain, so raw, and now extreme.

“I feel miserable! My belly incisions HURT. I am miserable…”

I can’t remember how many times I had said, I am miserable, but I might had said it enough.

“Get hold of yourself. Calm down. I will call the nurse to help you back to bed. I will be back.”

This is just now a memory, maddening to me then (three days after surgery) but funny to me now. What happened? Well, last December, after  bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction using my belly fat, and after stopping my patient-controlled-anesthesia, my abdominal incision pain became unbearable. Dilaudid given intravenously (IV) and by mouth, plus Acetaminophen via IV, didn’t cut it.

Back to the hospital scene, in bed, after more Dilaudid, my plastic surgeon removed the Steritrips covering my incision. Multiple blisters, big and small showed up, the culprit of my pain.

“Oh my. Your skin reacted to the Steristrips…”

No kidding. I have told to doctors before him that my incision felt so tight. I thought the incision was tight. It was actually the tape that was too tight, pulling on my skin.

I mention this because I had a visit with him, my plastic surgeon today. As usual, he greeted me. I answered with, “I am well, and I will not yell at you today.” With that he laughed. We forgave each other.

My new breasts feel warm and look natural. In four months, he will tattoo my areola and reconstruct skin to make nipples. That is the plan, anyway. My abdominal scar? Well, my blisters made the incision look better, actually. The blister scars look more noticeable being darker, and covered more area. So, no more showing off bare belly for me when swimming. *sigh*

Here’s a link to an image similar to my surgery. Minus the breast line horizontally, I had the circular incisions on my breasts, and the skin and fat from my belly now fills my chest, hence, the reconstructed chests. My belly button got transplanted up, so I don’t look like belly buttonless Eve.

Eight days after surgery, I look like this. I lost around ten pounds from dehydration and nausea in that picture.

Now I almost got most of the weight back.

Happy and almost pain-free, I got my appetite back.

I graze before the chemo craze. Who knows how I will react to chemotherapy? In the mean time, I will load up on some yummy food  while I CAN eat.

One thought on “Why I Yelled at My Plastic Surgeon

  1. Great blog you have here Carina. I would like to emphasize the importance of knowing what works and what does not. Some things just are simply better worked out than others. I hope everyone reading this blog agrees. Hey, it is useful information, so why not? Can be a lifesaver if used properly.

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