Hair Loss Anxiety From Chemotherapy

I chopped my hair short in preparation for chemo hair loss.

Why is the thought of hair loss such a big deal to me? To be honest, for the last two weeks I have been on the Internet searching for head covers, going to thrift shops and department stores, and reading posts on how to deal with the hair loss.

Do I just wear a wig, or should I just wear a scarf, or a turban, or a hat? What if the wig comes flying off my head outside on a windy day? That will be shameful.

Can I still jog in the park with a wig? Would I be too sweaty from the heat on my head? What if I’m working and the wig falls on my patient while I’m doing a big wound dressing change? Yuck.

Old Facebook Photo

Then my sweet cousin comments on my old pictures on Facebook when I had my hair down to my waist saying how pretty I looked…She forgot I am facing hair loss soon. That did not help.

Too short for my taste, one of my super-short wigs. Fail.

Anyway, now I have two super-short wigs I got at no cost, plus multiple hats, turban, and scarves. I also have fake bangs for hats, etc. But I didn’t reach peace until I ordered a wig online–a long monofilament one that is supposed to be lightweight and cool, “partable,” “stylable,” and natural looking. We shall see. Since I ordered it online, I haven’t had the chance to try it on and feel it. I also ordered the gel band to make it more secure and comfortable, plus the wig liner, hat liner with padding (good for square-faced like me to add length on top on my head), wig solutions to shampoo, condition, luster, and style with, and a wig stand. Whew.

I just have to have loonngg hair. I did have my hair chopped off short in preparation for chemo, and as much as my friends tell me I look good with short hair and short wig, I feel like I aged ten years compared to when I had my hair long two days ago.

So there, I have to do what feels good for me, right? Well, I got to have a long wig. It will be the next best thing to my real hair that I had worn long for many, many years.

Seem shallow or superficial? Let me be.


11 thoughts on “Hair Loss Anxiety From Chemotherapy

  1. Hello there, I discovered your website by way of Google whilst searching for a related matter, your site came up, it appears good. I have bookmarked to my favourites|added to bookmarks.

  2. Whatever you’re comfortable with, whatever works for you – that’s what you should go for. And that may vary at different stages, or in different places…it’s a process.

    I found wigs uncomfy and unnatural (for me) and used buffs & hats to keep warm or shaded and went bald with henna tattoos – but it’s your head, it’s your body, it’s your psyche, everyone’s mileage varies. Do whatever works for you.

    My hair didn’t start really falling out until the start of my second round of chemo – but once it does, I think it’s easier to shave it. Shaving eliminates the complete stress of finding your fingers tangled with fallen hair, and the patchy mangy look – and it gives you control over the process, at least to some degree.

    hold on.

  3. Carina, you look like a beautiful women in all of these pictures. I have found that I feel most comfortable in the wig that looks most like my old hair. Same length and style. This is so hard to lose your hair. Especially, when you had longer hair. It has to be so much more difficult. I am 55 years old and it is really hard for me. When you are younger, it must be even more difficult. And no one, I mean no one, knows what it is like unless they go through it. For me, I wear my wigs out in public, and my turbans in the house. Maybe I will get brave enough to wear scarves and hats in public. But my wigs are really comfortable.
    I am praying for you. If you need to talk, just send me an email at

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