What a Difference a WIG Makes

Mono-filament Long Wig Video

In less than a week since I put my order online, a package surprised me at my front door. In a hurry, I grabbed it and threw it in the van, to open it as soon as I drove my kids to the neighborhood park. Daughter had to walk Snowball, the pooch, by herself, and son just had to shoot the basketball without me cheering on the side.

“Go without me, kiddos. I just have to open my treasure box.”

They jumped out of the van with a wide grin on their faces.

The box carries my wig styling products AND my new long wig. I slipped the wig on my head, and immediately, I fell in love. I had to laugh when a bystander narrowed his eyes at me through my front car window as I repeatedly model in front of my rearview mirror shaking my head left and right, admiring the shiny black coffee strands with subtle mocha highlights.

This is my favorite wig. What a difference a good wig makes. Chemo, I am ready for you. Thursday, here I come.

New Long Wig, YAY

Just in case you’re wondering, I bought my monofilament synthetic wig from TLC (Tender Loving Care), store of the American Cancer Society, for $100. It feels light, cool, and comfortable. I still have a full head of hair, by the way, so once my head starts feeling sensitive from chemo, my comfort level may change.


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