Lazy Day

Winter's nice but I miss summer.

I start the day being lazy since I turned the faucet on. Surprised with the iced-cold water running through my hands, “Hah!,” I ran to the basement to turn the pilot on. It must have shut off again.

And yes it did. Click, click, click... I pressed the pilot button many times. Darn pilot won’t ignite anymore. So here I am sitting in front of my computer, glancing at my cell phone, waiting for the water heater guy to call and let me know what time he’s coming over to fix my heater. I might just have to miss Tai Chi today, the one thing I look forward to today. *sigh*

It is cold today, and it will be colder tomorrow. Weather forecast says we can get up to eight inches of snow.

I miss summer. I am a summer girl. How I miss last year’s fun, the summer vacations, the camping, the ranch on the mountain…(13-minute video here).

How about you? Do you prefer summer over winter?

Maybe I am just anxious. Tomorrow is my first day of chemo. My girlfriend will take me. She will take a whole day off just for me. Boyfriend wanted to go too but has to skip it. He lands a job this week after a four-month wait of being laid off. I tease him saying, “I’m sure you will miss me and think about me every second. You will miss  holding my hand as pool of tears run down my face and my poor arm gets poked like a pin cushion.”

The wimpy nurse me.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. Good luck tomorrow. I will be praying for you. As mainelyhopeful said, it is far worse to think about than it actually is. I have never been that scared in my life. You don’t need to be that afraid. The Chemo Nurses are so nice and helpful. It will be good you have your friend there, probably better than your boyfriend! Just remember to drink water, drink water, drink water. The faster you get it out of you the better. My Chemo Nurse said the stuff works quick. Get it out of you as fast as you can! Thinking of you! All shall be well.

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