From Ailments to Comfort

imageI don’t want to complain but I was told I have to report everything I feel, any ailments, aches, and pains. So there I was in the clinic for my second neupogen shot mentioning about the sore throat, body aches, and headache that said good morning to me as I opened my eyes this morning.

Can I blame everything on chemo and/or neupogen shot? If I do, will it help? The main thing is, if I have signs of infection it needs to be checked and addressed if needed.

“Good, you don’t have a fever. But watch out for bone pain that can’t be relieved, fever…”

I went on my way. Paranoid, when I got home, I slipped the thermometer twice under my tounge. 98.6, perfect. No fever. Yet.

Soon my head started to itch I wanted to take my scalp off my head and scratch it. Isn’t it a little premature to feel this way? I also found more hair in my brush this morning than usual. Oh well.

Today, the footer for my sewing machine came through the mail and I finally got my pillowcase sewed. I could not get the recommended satin pillowcase anywhere so I made one for myself–simple, and well, more expensive than it looks. The fabric cost me five dollars but it is darn comfy to my itchy head. Nice to retire my head on a silky smooth fabric after a day of little ailments.

I am writing this post with my Android phone (the beauty of technology) with my head resting on my pillow as I say, “goodnight.” May you rest well as me. 🙂


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