Swiss Chard

I knew I have been spending too much time in the john when my daughter bids me goodbye on my way to the bathroom. It was only 7:15 a.m., forty-five minutes before she heads out to catch the school bus. I smiled saying, “See you tomorrow!” Grinning, she went back to facing her book, flopped on the couch.

Kidding aside, I do have trouble going lately. Ongoing cramps do not bother me as much as the time it takes to go. I know, TMI. So I popped in some, not Docusate Sodium, but five pieces of prunes. I hope that will do the trick. Tomorrow.

Oh, it starts hurting me just to swallow too. Not too bad. I also feel like soon, I can’t have acidic food anymore. Anything spicy or acidic causes tingling in my mouth and throat. So I thought, I’d better take my citrus now while I can. Yum.

sautéed Swiss Chard tastes sweet and good.

I thought I should add more fiber in my diet. I stirred this reddish Bok-choy look-a-like greens called Swiss Chard. It  has large green leaves with ribs as crunchy as celery stalks. With a mild sweetness to it, it tastes quite good, actually. Sautéed with Hoisin sauce, it became a hit tonight with my kids. Try some. Another benefit: it may help prevent cancer.

Tomorrow marks my fourth Neupogen shot out of five. Almost done. An hour after, I go to my Cardio to Zumba fitness. I will see how will that work especially with my bone and joint pains. They are worse when I am on my feet, walking. I blame either or both Taxotere chemotherapy or the shot. Tylenol should take the edge off the pain, I hope.

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Swiss Chard

  1. I got Neulasta, and it wracked me out – what I found helped most with the bone pain was Claritin, oddly enough. If it gets worse, you might want to try that.

    • Thank you. It makes sense, allergy meds cause anti-inflammatory response, so they may help with bone pain. I don’t have Claritin but I have Zyrtec, very similar. From your info, I did some research and found that either Claritin or Zyrtec are used for bone pain…Great info.

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