Neutropenic Fever

image“100.4 degree temp. that’s not good.” A low-grade fever for most, a sign of infection for oncology patient, particularly immunocompromised chemotherapy patient like me.

What more? We found out my neutrophil count is 750, below the low limit of 1000. This white blood cell count is responsible for fighting infection. My potassium is low, my lactate level is high, and my heart rate races at 120s at rest. By the time I got to the emergency department stomping my feet, my temperature read 102.

“I will be admitted tonight, won’t I?”

“Sorry that we have to keep you, with your neutrophil count being low.”

“Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go home?” *wishy washy*

“We need to wait for your neutrophil count to normalize.”

Bummer. I thought I was being careful staying away from sick people, making sure I cover my mouth and nose with mask each visit to the clinic for my neupogen shots.

I am not liking this. Perhaps someone was sick in my fitness class, or in the store, or…

I don’t know who and what to blame. I hate cancer. I hate the side effects of chemo. I hate hearing myself complain. I feel like cancer turned me into a constant complainer…I just want to be well like before, before the presumably cancer tumors were discovered.

What’s the cause of my fever? Nobody knows. I have cough but no phlegm. My chest Xray is clear, my urine is unremarkable, my blood culture got sent but it will be a while to see the growth if any. I have no open sores. My bone pain went down with the help of anti allergy Zyrtec. Thank you, Meg for the tip. But what the heck is wrong with me? Should I just live in a bubble while on chemo? Is that what it takes to stay away from the hospital? Any ideas?

Sorry, I had to let my frustration out. Have a goodnight.


7 thoughts on “Neutropenic Fever

  1. Oh, gosh, Carina, so sorry to hear this. Very sad about it for you. You know, I have been living in a bubble because there is so much cold and flu where I live right now. It is terrible to have to do so. Please keep us posted on your progress. I know what you mean about turning into a complainer. I feel like that’s all I do, and it’s not enough!

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