Leaving the Hospital for Pneumonia

A conversation between Paul and I.


Guess who went with me to the party last Saturday anyway?

Paul did, dragging his feet. So I went out last Saturday, very briefly. It is a rare occasion that I go to a Filipino-American dinner with authentic Philippine dishes cooked by others. I am not sure when will the next party be.We did stay very briefly, though, just to eat. Eat and go, that is all we did. And then we headed back to my warm and safe hole called home.

My poor kids who were at home without a mother for a few days while I stayed

A quick photo after dinner.

in the hospital came along too. They, too, needed a break from the house. It was a weekend anyway. I admit, I can’t live in a bubble and shut down the world around me pretending it does not exist. I do limit my going out though. Yesterday, I did not go anywhere. But going out last Saturday uplifted my spirits and put a big smile on my face, not mentioning it filled my hungry belly that was yearning for yummy food outside of hospital food. I was telling a friend the other day, I knew I stayed long enough in the hospital because I could actually recommend a fellow patient what not to order and what to order from the hospital menu.

I hope I don’t regret escaping from the house… I haven’t had a fever for days!


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