The Heparin Sting

The shot a wanna get away from--heparin. - - by 71Carina

I’ve seen patients who did not mind this shot at all–the heparin shot. Most don’t like it basing on my eight years experience as a nurse.

I had my share of this heparin shot as being hospitalized twice recently. They give this to most patients to prevent blood clots as a prophylaxis because most patients are at risk being immobilized or partially immobilized.

It always caused me pain but  my last night of hospital stay, it put tears in my eyes. I cried like a baby.

“You must have hit a nerve. It hurts too much,” I cried as I wiped my tears.

“I’m sorry,” my young oncology nurse said. I could see it in her eyes that she means it.

“You wouldn’t know. There is very little nerve in the fat tissue. You won’t know if you’ll hit a nerve.”

I wanted to rub my abdominal area where she stuck me, but I know I shouldn’t. It would leave a big bruise. “Just don’t give it to me again, and tell the day nurse too, OK?”

And that was my last dose of painful heparin shot. No more. I don’t need it anyway. I was not immobile. I walked multiple times a day in my room, and in the halls with a mask on. Enough.


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