Fatigued and Can’t Jig

It didn’t occur to me that February 13 is a busy shopping day, at least at Whalemart. I have stayed at home for two days (too long for me), so when Paul announced he wanted to go to the store to get me pink, long-stemmed roses, I decided to come along. I know, I know, I should limit going to the stores but it would be a quick trip, I thought.

Wrong. We went to Whalemart and had to stand in line just to pay for one item. The first register closed on us after standing in line for more than ten minutes. Then, we had to move to another longer line. Geez.


 I feel better as far as exhaustion goes. I had felt tired, easily fatigued two days ago. Valentine’s Day was the start of my better days since the fourth day I started chemo. Today marks day fourteen. I feel my best. Maybe I will try doing one Walking DVD by Leslie Sansome. It is a beginner workout that I can usually complete post chemo. My Firm and Dancing workout DVDs have to collect dust for now through May, maybe, when my chemo fatigue side-effect is over.

A card from my sweet children

This card made me laugh. The heart rocks the song, "Wild Thing..."

My Valentine’s Day usually is a family day. My kids and I always celebrate it. Last February 14, we exchanged cards and sweet little things, and we ate breakfast together.

My family envies the satin pillow case I made, so here, I made this satin pillowcases for gifts.

Paul, as last year, joined our Heart’s Day morning too.

Here, I have a knitted hat on I made recently. Some red on it, but not too red.

Two friends from work called to check on me. That was nice. They reminded that I drink water, and I cancel my fitness, yoga, and meditation classes to lower unnecessary exposure to possibly sick people. I did. I appreciate the reminder to hydrate myself. Trouble is I don’t feel thirst. I have to force myself to drink each time.

Then, Sandy, another friend from work visited. She walked in my house making two trips from her car. She brought me a bag of take-outs from a Vietnamese restaurant and a box full of fruits and bottles of Acai juices from Costco. Sweet. My kids and I will be snacking with apples, and juicing and making smoothies with oranges and bananas for days.

She noticed I still look short-of-breath.

“Really?” I thought I am better.

Better but not back to normal. Oh well. Maybe this is my normal for now. Tachypneic, breathing twenty-four breaths a minute at rest may be my slowest breath for now and the upcoming months. At least, compared with the past week, washing the dishes does not throw me so out-of-breath for hours. Oh well.

I mentioned juicing, has anybody tried juicing wheat grass? It may help raising your hemoglobin levels. A pilot study on sixty breast cancer patients in 2007 (posted in Nih.gov) proved its safety and possible effectiveness in preventing neutropenia. I have two pots of organic wheatgrass I bought from Safeway and I find that a common juicer cannot juice its thin blady leaves. My juicer just spits them out to the side garbage container.

What I need is a masticating juicer that I can’t afford ($300 for a good one). So, I just simply use my processor. With a strainer, I screen out the ground leaves and drink the green hay-smelling juice. You think I can drink it straight like that? No. It tastes disgusting as is, I don’t want to puke. But mixed with orange juice, or smoothie, I can tolerate the flavor. Blending it prevents that aftertaste of dry feed in my mouth.

Oh, the things I do to get better. How about you? Anything you’re eating and drinking you weren’t prior to cancer?


4 thoughts on “Fatigued and Can’t Jig

  1. Hi Carina, am following your journey. It sounds like mine in so many ways. You really do have to isolate yourself and it is not fun! Wanted to comment on juicing and wheatgrass. I juiced ALOT before surgery, during surgery and BEFORE CHEMO. I have been told by my Oncologist and a nutrition expert and many google searches, NOT TO JUICE VEGGIES or Wheatgrass when doing chemo. It can affect the chemo and even fight the chemo. Plus, eating raw veggies if your counts are down is not recommended. Please do some more research on this before starting during chemo. But I will tell you what. The MINUTE chemo is over, I am starting back juicing. I feel tremendous while doing it.
    I hate the out of breath stuff, too, especially Day 4-7 I seem to get it. I do Leslie Sansone too. That’s as much exercise as I can tolerate. Oh well. This is temporary. We have to keep remembering that fact. My best, Denise

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