Hats, Hats, Hats

Can't have enough hats

Pink hats, red hats, yellow, and red

Black cloche and checkered

What else do I have?

Paul thinks I have enough. But I don’t think so. Yes I have many hats and scarves, three wigs and turbans. Do I need more? Oh yes, I do. I might as well make a fashion statement covering my shaved, fifty per cent bald  head.

I feel excited for upcoming shipment for more head wear I ordered online. This time, I ordered more cloches, scarves, and one halo wig courtesy of my friend from Chicago. My generous friend sent me a gift certificate. Sweet.  Pictures of my new treasures to  come later.

An update on my hair loss: I have more and bigger bald spots on my head–above the ears and a few spots here and there. So glad Paul have shaved my head. The sight of short hair all over look better than long hair all over the bathroom floor. I also notice loss of hair in the bikini line. That I don’t mind  at all. My razor may have to retire for a now.

Think about the time I am saving in the bathroom, not to mention the money I am saving for not using hair products. This hair loss has some benefits after all. 😉


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