Fair Trade

Why I need to teach my son the cost of food items

My son loves cookies. He likes pistachios too but not as much as cookies. I had to wait for Pistachios to go on sale and match it with a coupon so I can afford it which is why I just about died when he told me he traded it for a cheap oatmeal cookie. *sigh*

Here’s my financial situation. Now that: 1.) I haven’t worked for more than two months, and 2.) I have no confirmation on when I can come back due to two things–lifting requirement as a staff nurse (fifty pounds), and lifting restriction imposed by my plastic surgeon (fifteen pounds), I really have to watch my wallet. Providing solely to two growing small people does not help. Trying to eat healthier makes it even more challenging. I can’t buy all-organic if I want to. *another sigh*

Why didn’t my surgeon warn me about the long lifting restriction before surgery? I will ask him on my next appointment. I knew after DIEP breast reconstruction, I am at risk for abdominal hernia but I did not know about the very strict precautions I have to adhere to. I guess I have to nurse this hip-to-hip-supposedly-completely-healed belly incision for a bit more. No moving the couch to vacuüm, no shoveling big piles of snow (only little ones), and no carrying heavy hamper of laundry. Wait, is the last more than fifteen pounds?

Now that I let my frustration out, I can think about more fun things. I get to have a free photo shoot and professional make up at home. I and two other cancer warriors will pose and receive complimentary photos. Sweet. But that won’t be until tomorrow in the afternoon, after I get my second round of chemo in the morning.

I will take my kids in tow to my appointment at the chemotherapy clinic. They want to see how it is, what I go through–from the needle pokes to the drug administration. I will get an excuse for them to miss school. It will be a learning experience. Maybe they will  have more compassion when they see me in that environment,  sitting there with other patients who look sicker and more tired than I do.

So, I should go to bed now, right? A long day awaits me. I need my beauty sleep. The darn steroid keeps me hyper though. Perhaps it’s time I can use a sleep aid.. Hmm, a cup of chamomile tea?


4 thoughts on “Fair Trade

  1. If the steroids are making you crazy, ask about cutting the dose or eliminating the oral steroids altogether. I did – I took a reduced dose the first round and none for subsequent rounds.

  2. I think it’s very good for your children to see what your treatments are like. It can serve two purposes – making them more compassionate to people who are sick, but it also might relieve some of their fears about what is happening to mom. Hope you have a very good day, Carina!

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