The Mask

What it looks like in the waiting area, and what I want to do.

I don’t get it. On the way to Urgent Care, I pass by, each time, two cabinets marked neon yellow, “Cover Your Cough,” loaded with masks–standard size and pediatric size. It included Kleenex and hand disinfectant too. Why do people don’t use them is beyond me. Always, as I wait for my neupogen shot, I hear children–from toddler to older–cough and sneeze, as their parents ignore them, heads buried into whatever junk book or magazine they are reading. Adults are no different too. I feel as though, they all come here to share their bugs to the world and infect me–me, who ended up in the hospital the very last day of my neupogen shot from first chemo round. Hmp! This is why I am super paranoid now while at this clinic and more careful than before. These days, I sit to wait as far from other patients as possible. I could barely hear my name when the nurse calls so I can’t even have my earphones on. Plus, I always wear my mask. I just need to protect myself.

Besides the annoying parents and patients bugging me, I feel pretty good. I popped in a five-mile walking DVD yesterday and completed it with energy still left in me. I vacuumed, cooked, and tidied up the house, and I didn’t get short of breath until the end of the day. Bone pains have not visited me yet. I think Claritin really helps me this time. I started taking it  the day of my second round of chemo, earlier than first. I have three more neupogen shots coming, so I’ll see. I also have not developed any fever and cough. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “The Mask

  1. YES, you have to protect yourself. I know exactly what you are saying – it is so frustrating when others won’t cover their coughs and I’m like you – I sit as far away as I can. The good news is about your energy level – you got a lot accomplished!! I’ve only had to have a Neulasta (similar to Neupogen) shot once and it knocked me for a loop. I’m so glad you are tolerating yours well so far. Stay strong!

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