Movie Not To See: The Family Stone

I slept well last night, thanks Benadryl, fifty milligrams of you. The other night, I slept okay but with multiple periods of restlessness so I decided to use a sleep aid last night.

Although rested, I feel a little down today. I almost cursed myself for forgetting to take the garbage out again. My garbage will stink again. Thankfully, somebody took it out. Surely, it was not one of my kids, nor the garbage collector. They never emptied my trash if it’s not on the designated area in the curbside. Dark clouds literally covers the sky today, and an old movie I saw from last night keeps going back to my mind. Have you seen The Family Stone? Diane Keaton plays a breast cancer victim which cancer came back and cause her death in the end.

Her fate makes me worry for myself. What if after all these treatment I am going through, my cancer comes back and kills me. My children will be left on their own without a mother. What would happen to them?

My prognosis is good being stage 1–and I am doing what I can to minimize my future risk. But why I am feeling this way?

I need to get myself moving and walk. I will do that right now before my fourth neupogen shot appointment.

Till next time.


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