B-Day, a Busy Day Brain-Fogged-Bone-Pain-Birthday Week

Walking around in the Foam Ball factory without the sun.

I thought I got away from bone pain this chemo round, but it has revisited me since yesterday. I refuse to take Tylenol this time in fear that it may hide my fever again. I can’t complain too much though. The pain is mild, not even half as bad compared to three weeks ago. I continue taking Claritin. I feel that it helps lessen the pain and I can continue with my activities to get my endorphins going.

When pain on my legs subsided yesterday, I joined the kids in the Foam Ball factory in Fun City. I did not touch any balls (germs). I doubt if those get cleaned. I walked around and watched my kids play. Yesterday was a short day in school. As part of my early birthday celebration, I took them out. This weekday, we avoided the weekend crowd, as my kids enjoyed the other attractions without waiting in line–a double bonus. The place is like a ghost town. I could count the kids present with my fingers.

Now, I have an issue with chemo brain fog too. I say the same stories over and over to the same people this week. To remedy or ease my brain deterioration, I exercise my brain by solving Sudoku puzzles. The “easy” version of the game sends me puzzled for a good half an hour but in the end I solve each one of them. I feel so proud and I wanted to show off my great brain work to my kids one day, until I realized I forgot the puzzle book on the the plastic surgeon’s desk. Grr….

My appointment with my plastic surgeon went well. The good news is my surgery is a great success. He wants to see me again for my areola tattooing after my rounds of chemo. He also said I can lift up to fifty pounds now which means I can resume working. I don’t know whether to celebrate or not because with my nature of work, I will be more exposed to bugs going back to my bedside nursing job. Oh well, I have to go back so I can afford to buy organic dairy. This controversy on hormone-related cancers and conventional pasteurized milk makes me nervous. I plan to buy mostly organic milk and milk products soon.

Speaking of chemo, I am now plagued with metallic taste in my mouth. I try to ignore it and eat different foods–Mongolian beef with veggies made to order yesterday, tempura–all-cooked sushi the other day, home cooked Philippine chicken adobo….The metallic taste bothers me. Nothing tastes the same. My nausea is not too bad though and I can still force myself to eat and drink without throwing up.

I can’t wait for my chemotherapy and its side effects to end.

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