Singing For Ice Scream

Just like my mother.

The life of a mom.

My kids scream for ice cream–ice cream cake that is. So what a mom’s got to do with her birthday? Buy an ice cream cake, that’s what. Since Paul has been busy these days working late till six and commuting one hour back and forth to visit me, I took the duty of getting my cake–to which he comments, “You can’t have can buy your cake, and eat share it too.” Then he added, almost ashamed, “But I will pay for it, honey.”

What are we having? Caramel Turtle creamy vanilla ice cream, mixed in with crunchy praline pecans, rippled with caramel, on a fudgy chocolate cookie base, whipped frosting, topped with chocolate shavings, and drizzled with more caramel and chocolate. Yum. My mouth waters just for typing that down.

Joy. The ice cream cake is calling my sweet tooth. Half of the cake goes home with Paul on Saturday to take to his kids. I can’t have too much sugar around, my forty one year old me.


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