Too Busy Trying Not To Die

Darn cell phones

“I spoke to your dad on the phone the other day and he said he got laid off…”

After the cell phone drama, she managed a smile.

My daughter switched the conversation.

“If I save up enough money to buy a cell phone, can I buy one?”

“Maybe. But how can you pay for the monthly service?”

Her eyes watered. She left the dining room and returned with tissues.

“I’m sorry, my child, you don’t want to talk about your dad. Is that it?”

“No, I am sad about the cell phone.”

That reminded me that her dad mentioned about getting her and her brother, my son, cell phones. Now that he no longer works, the cell phone idea gets buried again. No way I can afford the luxury, yes, even if all her classmates have one. “All” of her classmates who goes to school whose seventy percent of the population receives free or reduced school meals has cell phones. I don’t get it. It amazes me what is important to my child, to children nowadays. I hurt that she is hurt but can’t she see? I am too financially disabled, too busy trying not to die, trying hard to take care of myself so I stay healthy–so they can have the best me.

Outside the museum after we viewed the watercolors exhibit.

I took the kids out with a pass from the library yesterday after the drama. We went to see the watercolors show at a local museum. We walked through all the nooks and corners, halls, and rooms. We checked each piece of art. We even went to the gift shop. For the first time, no one asked to buy something. Outside we took some pictures. They smiled genuinely.

On the way home, we stopped at Barnes and Noble. We each got one or more books we liked. Nursing book for me, Pretty Little Liars/Sketch/and Madlib book for my daughter, and an Airplane/Sketch books for my son. With membership discount, I spent a little over one hundred dollars for the books.

At home, my daughter volunteered to make more meringue cookies. She whipped the egg whites while I

The meringue with almond cookies we baked.

added the mix-ins. My son got busy making airplanes with colored papers before our ham sandwich and soup noodles with veggies and egg yolks. To my surprise, my daughter also offered in advance to do the walking exercise with me in front of the screen this morning. She has not said a word about cell phones. Maybe it is not that important to her after all.


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