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The Los Angeles teacher scandal spoiled it for the rest of the teachers there. So the young students are affected…So many bad news plague the screen sometimes I refuse to watch what’s going on. Bad news tops good news most of the time. It gets depressing.

What am I to do? Do something stress relieving, something positive, something fun. I start planning for spring break vacation–more like weekend getaway. Since I will be working that week in the hospital, I can’t stay weeklong… Isn’t that weird? I haven’t started working yet and here I am already planning to get away? We won’t be going too far–just more than an hour drive away visiting museums, eating food not available where I live. Filipino food is what I crave lately. No restaurants here that caters authentic food from the Philippines.

We will stay in a grandma/grandpa type bed and breakfast. The place has great reviews and pictures so charmingly colorful with wooden playscape outside and homey furnishings inside. Picture this–dark red flowers in shrubs welcoming visitors by the driveway. Heading to the back of the place, beautiful brown horses stand eating hay. The patio overlooks more green shrubs under bright blue skies which also covers the distant snow peaked mountains. Inside, oversized dark leather sofas with soft, large pillows wait for us to sit on. Cool green quilts cover the king- and queen-sized beds in the spacious family guest room… I just got my email confirmation today. I am so excited. Only $55/day, that can’t be beat.

I did a thirty-minute 2-mile indoor walk. I can’t do too much outdoors although it is sixty degrees nice weather outside due to my location–more than five thousand feet elevation. I live too close to the sun for my chemo-sun-sensitive skin. For lunch, I will head north to eat out with Paul in a restaurant that is not too busy.

That is my fun for the day. Simple but it is mine. I will stay away from the news the rest of the day.


One thought on “Think Fun

  1. The news is horribly depressing. We’ve quite watching it and even canceled our newspaper subscription. If it’s not uplifting or encouraging, I don’t want to see it. 🙂 Glad you have a Spring Break trip to look forward to! Sounds like a lovely place where you will be staying.

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