What Did She Say?

Inspiring video. What caught my attention though (I fast-forwarded the video) is the word s______nia.

Play this video.

“What did she say?”

I rewound the video. I didn’t hear it quite well. Did she say sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia. Lean muscle loss and increase fat tissue for aging body. Chemotherapy accelerates this process. Great. So, I am at risk for that too. What else don’t I know about the side effects of chemotherapy?

Now I have to add resistance training also to my (already) fatigued body’s walking exercise regimen. I have been using three-pound dumbbells (the safe maximum weight) while doing my walking exercise. I raise up my arms while holding them above my head, on my sides, behind my back…After watching the video above, I realize I should do more. Since lean muscle loss is more accentuated in the lower half of the body according to National Institute of Health, I should do some strength or weight training involving the muscles of my lower body.

OK, legs and buns, you’re in for some workout.

Any training exercise DVD suggestions? Today, I plan to do a five-mile indoor walk with my good-old walking dumbbells. Maybe I will exaggerate my squats with some walking steps. Good thing I am feeling good today.


3 thoughts on “What Did She Say?

  1. I didn’t anticipate the muscle loss, but it happened. My legs and arms are like jello. My strength is 1/2 of what it was before chemo. It’s been tough getting back into my exercise routine because my body doesn’t want to do it. Things that required little or no effort before, now require extra effort. It’s frustrating, but I’d rather be going through this than bed ridden or so sick I can’t exercise. Hope your muscles rebound quickly!

    • Start slow like I do. I can do walking exercise. We all can walk.
      It is frustrating yes. I am trying to do little steps at a time and lately, resistance exercises to my limits. I can never do as much reps as they do on the screen.

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