Another day, another sunny day, and I am feeling good.

My friend visited me yesterday, and guess what she brought?

I sent the kids to school after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, power-packed vanilla-berry smoothie, and some fresh mangoes.

Where did the mangoes come from? My FaceBook friend, Melody, brought them last night when she visited me. We went to the same school in the Philippines, and although we have never met, we have been friends in Facebook. She heard about my cancer so she decided to pay me a visit. How nice. We plan to get together again and cooked some Filipino dish one Sunday since the Filipino restaurants in town have all closed.


You probably heard about the benefits of these yellow-orange, meaty mangoes. Packed with vitamin C and phytochemicals, we believe it can prevent breast cancer. Check out these sources: Science Daily and   Of course, I did my morning walk too. Today I did the 4-mile walk with Leslie Sansome with a resistance band. I could feel the burn in my arms. I also added some strength training for my lower body. I followed the videos in You tube for the glute exercises and the leg exercises. I will try to delay sarcopenia the best that I can.

That is all for the day. Today, after all that, I will force myself to nap in preparation for my first night shift after more than two months of medical leave. Wish me luck. I hope I won’t catch any bugs at work.

Till next time.


6 thoughts on “Mangoes

  1. How nice of your FB friend! Definitely going to check out mangoes. Deciding what I can eat for the rest of my life. Good luck going back to work! When does chemo end for you?

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