Back to Work


One of several pictures Cheryl took of me and my family. My dog, Snowball, tried to steal the show, sneaking in a number of shots.

I survived my going back to work after two and a half months of staying home on medical leave. A little rusty, I started my first shift getting locked out of the computer system trying to get in with wrong passwords. Does it start with an A or a C? How long is it? I could not remember. Later, I recalled I wrote it down somewhere so I finally could open patients’ charts and begin my evening. My chemo brain.


The first two hours of listening to sounds and alarms of different pitch and frequencies gave me a headache which was quickly relieved with food I ate from the potluck. This potluck I did not know about. Nobody notified me so I could contribute. Apparently, my coworkers put this together because it was another coworkers last evening working nights and my first day of work. How nice! We had crunchy green salad, chips and layered cheesy dip, mint cupcakes, two other cakes, and nutty ice cream. Good thing I brought some lactaid pills with me. My lactose intolerant tummy did not have to suffer after the feast.


Coworkers gave me their warm-hugs WELCOME. It felt good to be back the first three evenings. I feel strong as ever as these days fall on my best days before another round of chemo. Tonight I will start another three shifts in a row, and then my chemo morning follows without rest from work. I expect to sleep through the whole visit. At least, I don’t have to watch the toxic chemo run though my vein.


Paul will try to get a day off from his new job to go with me. My good friend Roxanne plans to come along too. I might have two support people going with me and watch me sleep. Ha-ha.


I received my photographs on CD from Cheryl Ungar Photography. Cheryl is a breast cancer survivor herself who owns the Wedding Pink. Every month, she takes complimentary pictures of three patients or survivors in my area to make women like me feel special. On her side is Natosha Cooke, the make up artist who applied my make-up at no cost. God bless these generous women for taking time with me and my family.


Someday, I will give back somehow to the community of cancer patients. Maybe I will knit hats for bald patients going through chemotherapy? I can knit hats on my spare time.


4 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Well done on making it back to work! A huge step in your recovery–you should be quite proud of yourself. Best wishes for health, Candida

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