Cat Scan? Oh, No

Can I just lay down and rest?

Fatigued. It is one of those days that shortly after chemo, I get so tired. Trying to ignore the feeling, I took the kids out to Boulder Museum for family day yesterday. I regretted the one and a half hours drive total back and forth as I struggled keeping my eyes open but we did do a lot that we enjoyed. We got to plant onions and make recipe books with vegetable stamps for colorful cover, then we sewed out our tea bags full of rose hips, lavender, chamomile, and mint. All those I can drink at home while sitting on a cozy recliner, I thought. Then, I noticed, the volunteer used her teeth to cut the strings to finish up our bags. Forget about sipping the teas. I don’t need her bugs in my tea bags. Yuck.

I promised the kids to take them to the comedy  yesterday evening. The theater opens its doors twice a month for families for free. It is my night off so we might as well take advantage. There must be only five families there on a slow St. Patrick‘s Day. Good for me. Less crowd, less possibly infectious people for the vulnerable me after chemo… I don’t know which my kids like better–the meringue cookies and Oreo ice cream or the jokes by the comedians but they had big smiles on their faces the whole time. Their happiness made it worth my tiredness.

Then this morning I had my longest neupogen shot appointment ever. Catching my breath, the nurse took my vital signs.

“Hmm, your pulse is high, your blood pressure is low, you have no fever, but you look short of breath. I have to let the doctor know.”

I had the feeling I was not gonna get out easy. One chest x-ray and two blood tests later, I got sent home after the neupogen shot. I had been in the clinic for two hours.

I got a call from my doctor as soon as I arrived home.

“We are concerned between the on-call oncologist and I that you may have a clot in your lungs because your d-dimer is elevated. Since we don’t do Cat-scans on Sundays, you can have it done in the emergency department…”

And what, so they could find something else that might be remotely wrong with me? No way, I was staying home. I felt tired but I was just fine.


“…or you can wait, but if you feel worse, just go to the ED later and have a CT scan.”

“I will wait,” I said.

Hey, I can type, I can prepare my food, and I can lounge in my recliner. I just need a rest.


6 thoughts on “Cat Scan? Oh, No

  1. Wow. After after all that happened–and all that fancy jargon between the very non-comforting doctors–I can sure understand “I’ll wait!”

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