Test, Test, Test

I have a dream...

I thought I got away from the suggested CAT scan the relief doctor asked that I had the last weekend. Thing is, I felt better, less short of breath you know? But my primary doctor returned Monday and reviewed her patients’ records. She did not skip mine, that is for sure.

So after my scheduled Neupogen shot, I found out I had to fast for chest CT yesterday.

“Your d-dimer blood test is very elevated. We need to check your chest for clot,” my doctor told me over the phone.

Hours later and after that weird feeling of hot liquid infusing through my chest down my pelvis, the chest CT showed negative for clot. No pulmonary embolism…My doctor wanted to see me the next morning anyway. OK. Meanwhile, I hardly got any sleep for the night shift. I was supposed to work three nights in a row. By midnight, my body felt like being pulled to the bed to lie down.

That was not right. That was my patient’s bed. And he was in it… I must look bad my supervisor asked if I felt OK. I could not lie. Minutes later, she gave me consent to go home and rest. She got me covered.

So I rested what was left of the night. In the morning, I had my neupogen shot, and saw my physician. She wanted my legs checked for clot this time.

“OK, let’s just do it,” I said. But oh no, I had to wait for that. It did not get done until one. In the meantime, I had been using the bathroom multiple times. Darn free fried chicken and Quiche from work. They made my stomach sick, I think. Next thing I know, my doctor ordered a stool test for C-diff to check for infection.

Not feeling so hot and worried over all these tests, I called in sick for tonight. I missed tonight’s work again–the lazy, sick but not as-sick-as-they-think-me.

Oh, by the way, I don’t have clot on my legs per ultrasound result. The stool test, I am hoping, is negative as well. C-diff is not a stool infection I want to catch. Ever.


6 thoughts on “Test, Test, Test

  1. I can so relate to your statement.. ” sick but not as sick as they think I am” LOL I love it. Im going thru the same thing with work. Missing tonight , sigh. Have intermittant FMLA so its all good , but when they see me they all look at me llike Im about to fall out.. even with make up. And sometimes I feel good at the time.. I love the night shift, but its wearing me out.

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