Breast Cancer Diaries


I had my last neupogen shot this chemo round. My blood pressure reads normal, my pulse not too fast, and my shortness of breath seized. What more? My stomach calmed down. I haven’t heard about my stool test yet but I feel good now. After my shot, I picked up a few groceries–organic milk, almond chocolate milk, Greek yogurt, organic hot dog buns, and hot dogs. OK, I gotta have hot dogs once in a while. It has been two months since I had them last.

Then I tried to pick up the CDs I put on hold at the local library. Only, they were not there. I found out, I put them on hold via online to another library across town. My chemo brain. So I had to drive there and was surprised they were all in DVD format, not CDs that I can listen to while I do chores or drive. My goodness. I watched one while I unpack the groceries and prepare dinner. Have you seen Breast Cancer Diaries? I like her–Ann Murray. She is so much like me as far as her moods, and being true to her feelings. I could see how she tried to balance family life and be models to her kids without hiding the fact that like a normal woman, behind smiles and humor, she gets emotional too. One day she’s smiling pretty with a wig, another time she looks like a bald cancer patient with a serious look on her face.

Speaking of pretty, Cheryl Ungar, the photographer made me feel beautiful when she took pictures of me last month. Please see the link on a blog about me and other women touched by breast cancer.


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