Last Good Days of Spring Break

My pose screams I am afraid of heights haha.

Last two days before my kids go back to school on spring break and my daughter went on a sleepover with her friend yesterday. I and my son went to Estes Park instead with Paul and his kids. Over 7,500  feet elevation, I thought I would get a headache and short of breath from the high altitude but I didn’t. My blood count must be at least close to normal. That’s always a good thing. I walked with the same pace as my group and climbed this set of rock sign with not much fear–okay, a lot, as I was a little fearful of heights haha. “It does not help that I have my Dansko shoes on,” that was my defense. I could not find my hiking boots that will match my pants. I did not have any threads on the sole of my shoes. No threads = no traction.

We saw some deer by the side of the road. They feed on the grass along the highway.  Eyes on the ground with round black “balls”, then the deer, then the ground…we followed them trying to get close enough to take good pictures. One of them looked at us once in a while. A few steps at a time while stopping to graze in between, they all walked away until they began crossing the street. We stopped following them for the fear that they might get hit by the cars passing by.

The kids had fun anyway. We also walked by the beautiful and tiny downtown. We visited some shops but didn’t buy anything. I almost bought some summer dresses but backed out. I can buy some from home that is cheaper. Besides, the bills on my desk remind me not to spend much, especially the two thousand dollar bill from the hospital for the two-day “room and lodging” from my last hospitalization. Remember the neutropenic fever? That stay cost a total of $19,000. Ouch. My insurance only paid seventeen.

We did have some ice cream at Haley’s homemade ice cream parlor. I had a big  scoop of butter pecan ice cream. YUM. I also had a few bites of Paul’s blackberry ice cream. For our supper, we ate at good old Mc Donalds. Paul and I wanted to try one of the local restaurants around. How about some elk meat? But one of the kids did not feel like being (food) adventurous. For dessert, we had some taffies from one of the stores. The banana flavor became my favorite–so rich in flavor. The watermelon, I did not care as much–too sour and not so watermelon-y.

This day was one of my better days until my next chemo on Thursday.


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