Not Sad About Cancer

Inside the lower level United States Air Force Academy chapel . I attended the mass on Spring Break here where it was slow and there was only a few people.


It is the third of April. After the warm days of spring comes a cold snowy day–April snow. I had to scrape the snow from my windshield this morning before driving home.


I had a good night at work–two stable patients kept me busy but not crazy busy. The pace gave me enough time to enjoy the potluck we had for a nurse who is leaving. I brought barbecue chicken from King Soopers which I transferred to a rectangular Pyrex container to make it look “homemade.” Someone said I made delicious barbecue. I wanted to not confess I bought it but I was afraid she was going to ask for the recipe so I told the truth. Haha.


Deviled eggs, barbecue pulled pork, potato salad, Cole slaw, creamed corn, carrot cake, and raspberry dessert filled my tummy. I use the excuse “I have to prepare for my nausea days” when I can’t eat as much. Never mind about fat. I will deal with it later, in May, just before summer and after my chemo. As I mentioned before, I weigh my heaviest, only less heavy when I was pregnant. No regrets. I am eating more in purpose.


I had my super short wig with red highlights again. Two phlebotomists complimented me one after another. “Nice haircut,” they say.


Outside the chapel

“You know I am bald, right? This is not my hair. I lost my hair from chemo.”


Funny they were not together but they spoke the same words.


“Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t know.”


“It’s OK. My prognosis is good. I am doing great.”


I mean it. I feel great. I have accepted the breast cancer. I am not sad about it anymore.


Don’t be unhappy for me. Just wish me well and pray for me.



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