Goodbye Chemo


Fatigued? Yes. Happy? Very. Where am I? In cloud nine!


I completed my chemo rounds last Thursday. Later today, I begin my last five-day of neupogen shots, my last ten-day Levaquin antibiotics prophylaxis, and my new regimen of two-week prophylaxis of Arixtra to prevent clots or DVT. Because of very high D-dimer, my oncologist put me on it to prevent pulmonary embolism that can be very serious. I surprised myself by injecting my poor belly with it without freaking out–me who could not even stick my finger in Microbiology class for blood sample many years ago in college.


My aunt flew here to stay with me for a week, my third aunt who had breast cancer. We talked a lot about breast cancer, the chemo, and its side effects. She could relate. It feels good to talk to her knowing she understands me.


My allergy is better today. Thanks to my last dose of steroids. But after that, I’ll be sneezing again as Zyrtec does not work a hundred percent for my symptoms. Without the steroids I take for chemo, my throat usually itches a lot as I sleep and I still have post nasal drip at night.


Melody, my friend came over yesterday to cook Filipino food for me. Unfortunately, the metallic taste in my mouth came back, I could not taste the vegetables with okra, long beans, bittermelon, squash, and pork stir fried in shrimp paste. It should taste salty and sweet. Bummer. My son like it very much though.


I also feel fatigued since yesterday afternoon and that’s with skipping taking Compazine which makes me super sleepy. I remember talking to my aunt in the living room around eight o’clock last night…I just opened my eyes now and found myself still sitting in the recliner, woken up by her coughing away. The clock read one in the morning….I hope I don’t catch her bronchitis. That’s what she says she has without consulting a doctor. My aunt, a nurse, is just like me diagnosing herself.


Sunday is Easter. I really want to go to see the beautiful Sunday service. I will miss the cute girls wearing colorful Easter dresses. But for sure, the church will be packed. I should avoid the crowd. Oh well, I can’t have it all.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Chemo

  1. Carina, I am so happy for you and proud for you! CONGRATULATIONS! I will continue to pray for you! I have 6 more weekly chemos left. I am grateful you are done. May the shots and side effects go smoothly! Happy Easter! Denise

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