The Post Chemo Life


Sushi for me after chemo took it away from me!

Yesterday, Paul and I had our usual once-in-a-week weekday lunch when he goes out from work to have lunch with me. What was new is I had sushi with real raw fish, something I craved but could not have around my chemotherapy treatments. My palate got satisfied but it is more than that. We celebrated my freedom from most of chemo’s side effects and restrictions. Well, my head still feel smooth as a peach with no sign of new hair growth yet, so does the rest of my body. But the metallic taste in my mouth left me for good, so did nausea and fatigue.


I plan to walk/jog the 10K Bolder Boulder again this year with my family. Sounds ambitious? Maybe but it gives me something to look forward to and to motivate myself to train everyday. The walk in the park with Snowball and auntie (yes, she is staying for a month not just a week) sound more encouraging to me. I tolerate the walk easily but jogging tires my calves so much, they ache after a few seconds. Oh well, I have a month to train until Memorial day.

In June I will have my nipples reconstructed in day surgery. The process may only take two hours with local anesthesia. Sounds simple enough. Later comes the tatooing of the areolas…On consultation last week, my plastic surgeon had me get up from lying position to see how well I sit up. I surprised him by using only one arm to sit up. This is very good after my abdominal incision post DIEP procedure (abdominal fat harvesting for breast reconstruction).

This is all for now. I type this post with my phone while trying to sleep. I thought I should share you my news. It has been a while. Good day to all!


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