Hair Growth After Chemo


Two months after chemo, passed the “fuzzy” peach hair, my hair comes back this month.

My hair makes a real come back this month. YAY. I get to use my razor again, for the summer you know. It’s swimsuit season. For my legs, not for my head. 🙂

The thermometer outside reached 101 degrees yesterday. It happens that I start my home care visit as an orientee today (with my wig in pony tails). Boy, I was hot!  That’s right. I am learning a new job. I figure the physical work load has to be less than bedside nursing that I did part time through the agency where I saw up to six patients a day. Since before my mastectomy last year, I stopped doing that job. It really tired me out. I still do my intensive care nursing in my favorite hospital where I have only one to two patients. I still want to do that. But to make up with accumulated expenses, I have to work a second job still.

My nails still have some dark pigments and bumpiness on them. They are growing out though. When I get tired looking at them, I just paint over them. Little things that annoy me. The dryness on my skin and mouth are significantly less. Last memorial day I walked the Boulder Bolder race and finished 10 K in two hours. I am slowly regaining my strength. My kids did not get disappointed. They only stopped a few times for me to catch up with them.

I had my mole removed on my arm. The dermatologist thought it was suspicious because it was raised and was getting bigger. That blue nevu turned up to be benign.

I am still waiting for my appointment for genetic testing. I finally got the paper work part done. Chance is, if I have the breast cancer hormone, my ovaries have to go because I would very likely get the ovarian cancer too along the line. I don’t need ovarian cancer.

Oh well, I work again on Sunday morning to train for home care. In the afternoon, I will take the kids to the amusement and water park.

I just thought I should update the blog. I am alive and occupied. Till next time!



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