Summer Fun

Still with a wig. Yup. What am I doing here? Watching the kiddos fish in our camping trip.




It is still too hot around the house. The small air conditioner helped a bit to bring down the general indoor temperature to at least five degrees. With the aid of electric fans in every room, we (my daughter and son) survive. I still go head-naked in the house. I am sure, my one-inch-however-very-thin-on- top hair does not help with the heat under my wig. More layers, ha?


I am still getting used to being cancer free. My chest are finally healed, stitches are out from nipple reconstruction, YAY. Weird, but those (the nipples) matter to me, they actually made me feel more complete. Kinda shallow, huh? Sometime I will get my tattoo for areolas.


If anyone here will get theirs done, make sure all the stitches get taken out. I had to go back one time because one remained. The thread used was very small, even with magnifiers, it can be missed. Just watch closely. You don’t want it to stay there and get stuck forever.


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