What Noom?


I got this Noom application from Google Play, an Android app to help me lose weight. It has been a month, and I lost six pounds. I have tried other applications and methods before, but I like this one the most so far. It helps me roughly track my calorie intake from good food to not so good food that I should limit. Take a peek, here. If you have an Android phone, it does not cost you extra to use the free app. It gives me daily motivation and reminds me to walk daily. I use it with an exercise app. I will write about that later.

For those of you in treatment, chemo or radiation, it may not be good time to lose weight even if you want to. You need all the nutrients to replenish damaged cells. That means eating more nutritious foods that you can tolerate and keep down.

Remember to hydrate yourself. Chemo, especially dries you out. I still struggle with this. My dentist said my mouth is too dry. I stopped using Biotene toothpaste thinking I no longer need it. But here I am. I just  had one tooth prepared for a crown. I don’t mind a real crown for a queen. For it’s cost ($1,200), it might be very well wearable on top of my head sparkling gold with diamonds so I can show it off. But no, it has to be for my tooth. Grr…

My dentist thinks the cavity (along the gumline) started because of mouth dryness and poor brushing in the area. Well, I believe him. For months during chemo, my mouth and gums felt raw. The electric toothbrush I have been using for years suddenly became unbearable. It felt like my teeth would all fall off from the vibration. I was using this extra soft toothbrush ever so carefully for months but apparently, the gentle strokes did not get the bugs and plaque off my teeth, oh well.

Till next time.

Take care of yourselves.


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