There’s an Xbox in My Van Trunk

It usually makes me laugh, my forgetfulness. But the other day, I could not remember something important, I almost cried.

You see, I took my son’s Xbox and locked it in the van so he could not get it out. For what reason? I could not remember days later. Embarrassed and frustrated, I asked Paul. I knew I did it to discipline my child but what, why, how, and how long do I keep it from him? Teary eyed, I was really trying to recall, but I couldn’t. Chemo brain forgetfulness is not always funny.

Paul reminded me that I did it because my son has trouble getting up on time for school. I suspected he played games late at night so I took the console away. That was just a few days ago. Perhaps I should write down in my planner why I did what I did for moments like this.

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