Breast Cancer Gene, Do I Wanna Know You?

This house gets my attention each time I pass it by on my walk to the park. Hidden and serene, sometimes I wanna feel like what this house feels like to me.

I finally scheduled myself for my first genetic testing appointment. We might just talk on the first time. I don’t know. I put it away for months. The thought of finding out if I have the breast cancer gene or not got parked away in the back of my head for sometime. I want to know but afraid of the result. If positive for BRCA (pronounced as BRA-kuh), my oncologist recommends to remove my ovaries prophylactically. Here we go again with prophylaxis. Didn’t I just have my non-cancerous left breast removed last December. Next the ovaries, and then…?

I have been taking walks lately, twice in a day when my schedule and energy allows. Yesterday, I walked to the park twice for a total of seven miles. Imagine that. With my eReader who reads out loud for me and a willing-very-enthusiastic-spring-footed Snowball the poodle, the long walks get more enduring. It makes me feel better than an Ativan pill.

Get your self de-stressed too.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Till next time.



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