The Black Witch


This gave me such a scare one night--my wig on a stand haha.

October brings the start of the busy season for me…as I do my regular routine with two jobs, two middleschoolers, a dog, and the holidays.

I had my first tatooing done. I say first, because I already need more ink. See, my natural color is dark brown. My tattoo looks pink. Areolas should be darker haha. Oh well.

I will finally go for my genetic testing…I need to help the kids decide on Halloween outfits.

Have you had some Kefir drink? I love it. It tastes like a liquid yogurt. I drink it everyday blended with blueberries. Yum. I grow the grains with milk. It is cheaper to do it this way.

I eat more vegetables now– half to seventy five percent of my plate I fill with plant based food, mostly whole food…Green drinks energizes me everyday. Who inspires me? Kris Karr. Check her out. I watched her video and now I have her diet book.

I do what I can to stay in remission. If diet can help, I will do it. I don’t want the real black witch of my life to come back.

So long, my friends.


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