Not So Scary Halloween

A friend commented on my Halloween look. “You’re not scary enough. Wear more make up, devil mama.” I left myself as is though. I don’t need to be very scary.

My life has not been so scary lately. My cousin’s mastectomy went well. Her lympn nodes are clear. Stage 1 breast cancer is what she has, estrogen receptor positive, progesterone receptor negative, and HER 2 positive. She had her first chemo, and recently went wig shopping with her young family with a four~year old daughter. Her genetic testing came back positive for BRCA 1 mutation. No surprise. Her mother, the sister of my mother, must be a carrier. Most likely, I have the same mutation…I can’t wait for my result in two weeks. It will be good to know.



Paul and I just spent an overnight in the cool ambience of the mountains to celebrate the earliest work holiday party of my life. Good food and drinks surrounded us from evening through lunch with my lovely co-workers. After the party, we stayed walking around the hotel and by the hot pools while ejoying the view of the snow-topped moutains.

This is life. We try to enjoy what we can. It does not have to be so scary all the time.


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