New Year, New Head Band

Actually, this is my only head band–hand made angora wool (maroon red) that gives a glow on my face. A co worker knitted it for my super short and thin baby hair.

I am still on remission everyone. This week I revisit my plastic surgeon. Yup, my time with him isn’t over yet. A redo of tatooing is in my future, something to do with “pink tattoos don’t go in that spot for dark browned Asians like me” :-).

I am baking monay bread this afternoon. I finally got the energy and time after forced bed rest from the flu bug that hit me. Just when I am feeling better, my youngest woke up with a temp of 104.8 with the other signs and symptoms that go along with influenza.

Soup and bread for dinner tonight. Too bad, I can’t invite anyone over.



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