Peace and New Beginning


This was Paul last night with his head buried in his laptop too busy to notice the shot until Clique, he jumped. Ha-ha. I wondered if he came here to visit me  *achoo* or to get free Wi-Fi and continue on with his work after  coming from “work, ” I thought OUT LOUD.

You see those white flowers in front of him? I saved those from the Christmas flowers he got me last year. Only two survived from the big bunch. It has been almost a month. The season seems so long ago. I still do have a few ornaments to be put away though. The “Peace” stocking hook is still up among them, silver-shiny ornament I am in no hurry to put down. The first year that came up above the window was last 2009, the first season without the father of my children. That was the first beginning of healing chapter of my life, and yet the “end” of non repairable dysfunctional marriage. It reminds me of my freedom every time I look at it. A big rock got lifted off my chest.


Later I will show you my indoor gardening experiment. I have been eating green onions from my kitchen. A few weeks ago, I planted green onion roots from scrap and they have been continuously producing greens for me ever since. My other project is a fail–my first Aero garden I bought used from Craigslist. It came with unopened herb kit. I followed the directions, and a month later, three out of seven produced  half inch seedlings. I am not waiting for those to get better any longer. Out, I pulled them. I replaced them with Burpee lettuce seeds three days ago. Today, 7 out of 7 pods showed multiple promising seedlings already. Early success.

Inspired, I put some tomato and basil leaves in a wet paper towels to start seedlings. I put up my hanging planter for my future up-side-down tomato planter for inspiration–the future home of indoor cherry tomatoes. Sounds ambitious? Maybe. It is too cold to plant outside. All this experiments have to survive my tiny kitchen with the help of artificial lights from one Aero garden. We shall see. Will my edible hobby be a success in the next few weeks?

Maybe now that I get my brain busy enough with activities I find fulfilling, I get my brain exercised in a way that improves my forgetfulness. Just today, I cannot recall if my next plastic surgeon appointment is Thursday or Friday. I remember it to be four thirty but what day? Urgh my chemo brain.



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