Big Chair

I have nothing bad to say, about my breast cancer, that is. I remain in remission. No new news is good news, right? I am a one lucky ex breast cancer ee, haha.

As I plunge myself in the big old chair in my backyard (not as big as the one pictured above), typing awkwardly with my Kindle to write this post, I look up once in a while in front of me to my vegetable garden. The crops on my first year of planting continue to please my eyes and appetite for cancer fighting foods. I have an ongoing supply of salad greens, squash, beets, carrots, and cucumbers. Some corn, okra, cantaloupe, and pumpkins are coming. Even the raspberries that are not supposed to bear fruit until next year bring berries to my table every few days. Now, if only my teens are as easy to raise as it is to care for my garden, I’d be in paradise.

I go to my next four-month oncologist follow up in September. I am sure , I will pass that with flying colors.

I am going back in the house with a basket full of swiss chard, cucumber, and lettuce. Green smoothie, Anyone?

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