Not So Sparsely Parsley


Do you know that parsley is so easy to grow from seeds? I learned it from my first year of gardening. It grows abundantly in my north-facing backyard. It looks good too in my 6-inch raised bed in the porch although not as pretty-blossom-happy as the ones in the back yard.

Paul first introduced me to this herb. Before I just see them as sprigs ornament in my plate at the restaurant. Paul steams it with sliced carrots and adds a little butter. Yum. I like parsley’s sweet peppery grassy taste. I crave it from time to time. On one occasion, I boiled it lightly, then put a big ball of it in my mouth. I almost choked swallowing it down. That was not so smart. I should have cut it real small.

Rich in antioxidants, it contains volatile oil component myristicin which inhibits tumor formation in animal studies. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, it’s volatile oils actions gives a “chemoprotective” food effect as it can neutralize some carcinogens. Pretty good, huh?


I’ve been absent in the blogging world lately but recently I wondered about the fellow cancer bloggers I follow. I read about Tara, the brave Triple Negative breast cancer victim like me, only hers was stage 3, that progressed to 4…She passed away last May after a long struggle with treatments since 2010. But through it all, she kept her faith as evidenced by her url and blog names, “hehashealedme…and How He Loved Me Through It.”

As I leave work and walk through the parking lot yesterday, I still think about her. I realize how lucky I am. I am in remission. I should think about it as I face some struggles in my life. I am alive. It is not too late to fix/enjoy/relive things. Things could have been worse.

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