No Visit With the Vampire

Twelve flight of stairs. I did twelve flight of stairs to my appointment with my oncologist. Today is my first appointment without lab work, so I did not get to visit the vampire (phlebotomist). My blood tests have been all normal for more than a year now that my doctor thinks, this time, we’ll skip it.

My chemo brain is not bad anymore. Of course, I rely heavily on my planner–both on hard book and digital, plus my online calendar. They help me prioritize with my scatter brain and remind me of tasks to do that helps with my forgetfulness.

Guess what? I feel brave enough too to go back to school–online. Tomorrow is my first day. If lucky, in four years, I will earn my Master’s Degree in Nursing. Wish me luck.

I am the first one here in the waiting room. Now I wait to see my doctor. I am half an hour early. I know I will pass this exam with flying colors.


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