November 10, 2011 —

Today, I heard the saddest news–I have breast cancer.

Today, I start my journey as a future cancer survivor.

Today, I start logging my life as I go through diagnosis, treatment, healing, and continuing on healthy living.

Five years from now, I will go back to this blog and shout out to the world how proud I am that I survive breast cancer.

I will survive this.

For my friends and family. Thanks for your support.

This is my cancer blog, my future past life.

The day I turned 40, I had no clue that 8 months later, I would be diagnosed with breast cancer

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I just found this link on my site, http://www.perksofcancer.com. Sounds like you are having a tough battle. Me too. Chemo August 2011 to December 2011, Mastectomy, Jan. 2012 and about to start radiation. I am determined not only to survive, but to do so with a positive attitude! Good luck with your chemo. My favorite mantra on the tough days was “This too shall pass”.
    Cancer Warrior

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