New Year, New Head Band

Actually, this is my only head band–hand made angora wool (maroon red) that gives a glow on my face. A co worker knitted it for my super short and thin baby hair.

I am still on remission everyone. This week I revisit my plastic surgeon. Yup, my time with him isn’t over yet. A redo of tatooing is in my future, something to do with “pink tattoos don’t go in that spot for dark browned Asians like me” :-).

I am baking monay bread this afternoon. I finally got the energy and time after forced bed rest from the flu bug that hit me. Just when I am feeling better, my youngest woke up with a temp of 104.8 with the other signs and symptoms that go along with influenza.

Soup and bread for dinner tonight. Too bad, I can’t invite anyone over.


Hair Extensions

If I only have an extra one thousand dollars, I would have paid for hair extensions, a long, full head of hair would be nice. But since I don’t, I would settle for my good old small choice of wigs. Pretty soon, I will be going out without  a wig every time without any cover over my short hair.

Look at me. I am almost ready for a hair cut.


Want hair extensions? Watch this and admire.


Summer Fun

Still with a wig. Yup. What am I doing here? Watching the kiddos fish in our camping trip.




It is still too hot around the house. The small air conditioner helped a bit to bring down the general indoor temperature to at least five degrees. With the aid of electric fans in every room, we (my daughter and son) survive. I still go head-naked in the house. I am sure, my one-inch-however-very-thin-on- top hair does not help with the heat under my wig. More layers, ha?


I am still getting used to being cancer free. My chest are finally healed, stitches are out from nipple reconstruction, YAY. Weird, but those (the nipples) matter to me, they actually made me feel more complete. Kinda shallow, huh? Sometime I will get my tattoo for areolas.


If anyone here will get theirs done, make sure all the stitches get taken out. I had to go back one time because one remained. The thread used was very small, even with magnifiers, it can be missed. Just watch closely. You don’t want it to stay there and get stuck forever.

Hair Growth After Chemo


Two months after chemo, passed the “fuzzy” peach hair, my hair comes back this month.

My hair makes a real come back this month. YAY. I get to use my razor again, for the summer you know. It’s swimsuit season. For my legs, not for my head. 🙂

The thermometer outside reached 101 degrees yesterday. It happens that I start my home care visit as an orientee today (with my wig in pony tails). Boy, I was hot!  That’s right. I am learning a new job. I figure the physical work load has to be less than bedside nursing that I did part time through the agency where I saw up to six patients a day. Since before my mastectomy last year, I stopped doing that job. It really tired me out. I still do my intensive care nursing in my favorite hospital where I have only one to two patients. I still want to do that. But to make up with accumulated expenses, I have to work a second job still.

My nails still have some dark pigments and bumpiness on them. They are growing out though. When I get tired looking at them, I just paint over them. Little things that annoy me. The dryness on my skin and mouth are significantly less. Last memorial day I walked the Boulder Bolder race and finished 10 K in two hours. I am slowly regaining my strength. My kids did not get disappointed. They only stopped a few times for me to catch up with them.

I had my mole removed on my arm. The dermatologist thought it was suspicious because it was raised and was getting bigger. That blue nevu turned up to be benign.

I am still waiting for my appointment for genetic testing. I finally got the paper work part done. Chance is, if I have the breast cancer hormone, my ovaries have to go because I would very likely get the ovarian cancer too along the line. I don’t need ovarian cancer.

Oh well, I work again on Sunday morning to train for home care. In the afternoon, I will take the kids to the amusement and water park.

I just thought I should update the blog. I am alive and occupied. Till next time!