Summer hot in my head

Summer hot in my head

the chance of snow is long gone in Colorado. spring seemed to have ended as well as it is hot already here, like summer-hot. I still wear a wig most of the time when going out as my hair on top has couple of bald spots. it’s been more than a year in April since my last chemo. this side effect lingers. oh well, hot head. at least the cancer is not back. I am still in remission.

I made my appointment with my oncologist for this month after I received a certified mail saying they can’t contact me (my bad). I know it’s gonna be another good news. I feel as healthy as I can be. I still won’t be taking that ride my son is in– no matter how high-happy I feel though. 🙂


Let It Snow in April

Sixteen months ago, I could not even buckle my own seatbelt after chest and abdominal surgery. Look at what I can do now? 1 foot of snow cleared off my driveway by myself at five a.m. even my doggie did not join me. Glad to be strong again and cancer free.

Spring is Here


First day of spring yesterday. Look at my backyard. It is almost ready for a vegetable garden. Here I plan to grow pesticide free corn, peppers, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, and peas. Oh, I may also plant melons, zucchini…I get ambitious. If I get to be successful, I’d be eating lots of anti-breast cancer foods. Maybe I can grow broccolli, leafy greens, and other stuff too. I wish.